SG Photography makes Dallas our playground

This weekend, Haley and I shot 4 sessions in Dallas and had the best time!!! We love doing destination shoots in different locations!

We started at the ADORABLE Sweet Tooth Hotel which is not an actual hotel, but an art exhibit! They have different themes at various times. This time, the theme was "Intangible, a fiber fairytale" and was done by all women artist! We shot our Class of 2023 Teen rep, Miss Savannah Durham for her individual summer rep session! I LOVE how fun these came out and Savannah is a total natural in front of the camera!

After we shot Savannah, we headed off the the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden where Haley shot one of our 4 seasons seniors, Jasper High School senior, Allison Pool. They got some of the most adorable and gorgeous shots and found some COOL spots I LOVED! Allison is always a dream to work with and Haley always has the cutest posing!! I'm pretty sure Haley could've kept shooting at this location because she was having all kinds of fun with Allison and her mom April.

While Haley worked with Allison, I worked with my Class of 2021 senior rep and Lufkin High School senior, Blayre Brent for our final senior session. Blayre knew exactly what she wanted and came prepared in all of her Baylor kicks! She just found out she made the Baylor Songleaders Dance Team! Blayre is a phenomenal dancer and is also a dream to shoot! I'm gonna miss working with her so much!

We ended our day in Dallas at Whiterock Lake Park. This was also my final session with my Class of 2021 Senior Rep, and Lufkin High School Senior Briley Bowers. I have adored Briley since our very first session together last May. Briley has been in modeling for years and is so naturally gifted in front of the camera. She is also a dream to photograph. She has the best personality, is always so fun and so sassy! I'm gonna miss her beautiful face like crazy but know this is not the last time I will work with her. I low key got emotional saying goodbye to her and her precious mom at the end of this session and they gave me the biggest, warmest hugs which made me love my job and them that much more.

Haley and I ended our night with some dinner at P.F. Changs there in Dallas and headed home. We loved every second of this long but oh so fun day! Check out our Facebook page if you would like to see more from these sessions and others and thanks for checking out this blog! We would love if you gave us a follow



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