It's all Gucci!

Haley has been obsessed with this one shot she saw of one her favorite actors, Jacob Elordi, and has been wanting to do a shoot inspired by that shot! She wanted something "high fashion" but with a guy. So she was thinking of who would be the perfect fit for the look she was wanting and it hit her like a ton of bricks! Our Class of 2021, Senior Rep from Hudson, Weston Hyde! Weston has the looks and vibes of a young Matthew McConaughey and loves to model, he has fun on our sessions, so she asked him if he would be willing to sport a suit and get in some lake water, and in typical Weston fashion, his reply was "sure!" So that's what happened!

The shots she ended up getting were so so so great and gave us designer men's cologne ad feels! Weston was a trooper because that water was COLD and the water levels were also really high due to all the rain we have had lately. While Haley shot, Westons younger brother was right there, teasing him, telling him what to do and how to do it and making us all laugh! I am fairly certain he was having more fun than Weston! Weston's parents were also there and enjoyed watching the show!

If you don't know Weston, he KNOWS he's "pretty fly for a white guy"! He has all the confidence in the world! At the end, we all cracked up laughing when his mom told him to loose the jacket and show off those muscles he works so hard on and of course, HE DID! LOL Those ended up being Westons favorite shots!

Yall stay tuned for more from this shoot! Thanks Weston for hanging out in that frigid lake water with Haley! You nailed this shoot! It's all Gucci! :)

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