"I feel the need... the need for speed."

Hey everyone this is Haley! Meet Carter Wood, one of our Class of 2022 Reps. Carter competes in diving and he is amazing! He can do all kinds of cool flips and tricks!!! He's SO fun and just LIKEABLE! Carter wanted to do a fun and unique session for his summer shoot and what's more fun and cool than Top Gun?!! His mom messaged us about the idea and said they had a friend who had an airplane available on a certain date and I was all for it! They got his outfit together with some help of digging through his Dad's old clothes lol! We had such a great time getting these shots! I absolutely love the way these came out!!! We enjoy these kids so much especially when they have these creative ideas and are down for anything.

We are gonna start highlighting more of our rep team on the blog so yall be sure to stay tuned for more!


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