Class of 2022 steps into the "LIME light"!

Eeeeeeekkkkkkkk! I have no words to describe how excited I am to start working with my class of 2022 reps! We officially kicked off our 2022 styled shoots with our "Welcome Summer" shoot! This group is SO much fun and has SO much personality! Before we jump into this blog, I have to say how much I already love these parents of my reps! They were such a huge help helping me bring this shoot together! They helped with some amazing fruit spreads, props, towels and made sure these kids looked perfect! So a huge thank you to all of my rep parents who helped! Yall are amazing!

For our summer shoot, we wanted neon colors, all kinds of fruit, and swimming pools and sunshine! All the summer vibes and they came out so so so great! When I tell you this is gonna be a fun year with this group, I am already loving this new class so so much!

When I tell you they have personality, I have 4 guys in this group, one was not able to make it, but all of 4 of them are HILARIOUS and bring the entertainment! I have Colton Gerard and Collin Ross representing Hudson High School, Carter Wood representing Lufkin High School and Ian Williams (not pictured) representing Center High School. They will bring all the fun to all the styled shoots this year no doubt! There literally wasn't a dull moment with these guys!

Then I have my gorgeous girls!!! They are all literally SO sweet! I already love this group so much because they are already so involved! That is a trait I look for in my reps, kiddos that love to take photos and want to do sessions and are super involved! When my reps are excited about sessions, that makes ME excited about sessions so I am so excited for this year! We are already off to a great start! These sweet ladies had so much fun with each other and my favorite thing is when I get texts after a styled shoot saying how much fun they had and that they met new friends they already bonded with through this experience! It literally makes my day!

This Class is "ONE in a MELON"!! I cannot wait for this year with these fun kiddos!! :) Stay tuned to see the final photos from this shoot!

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